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  • Bird Houses, Nests
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  • Wall Baskets, Wreaths
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Galvanized Pails, Galvaniz ed Tubs, Galvanized Buckets, Metal Containers, Metal Pails, metal Tubs

  • BY09-1WWD BY09-1WWD 8.5" Round Metal Pail with Bale Handle 8.5"dia x 7"dp ( 7"dia bottom)
  • BY24-1 BY24-1 14" Oval Deep Tub GAlvanized 14"L x 10"W x 8"H (11"L X 7 1/4" bottom)
  • BY69-1LP BY69-1LP 14" Oval Pink Tin Tub 14"L x 10"W x 6"dp
  • BY47-1W BY47-1W 13" Oval Metal Low Bowl White 13"L x 9"Wx1.5"dp
  • BY33-1 BY33-1 16" Oval Heavy Tub heavy gauge Galvanized 16"L x 11.5W"dp x 6"High (13"L x 9"W bottom)
  • BY47-1 BY47-1 13" Oval Metal Low Bowl Galvanized 13"L x 9"W x 1.5"dp
  • BY53-1 BY53-1 12" Dia Round Pail heavy gauge Galvanized 12"dia top x 11"dp (8"dia bottom)
  • BY48-1 BY48-1 22" Oval Heavy Tub heavy gauge Galvanized 22"L x 13.5"W x 6.5"dp (18.5"L x 9"W bottom)
  • BY03-1 BY03-1 5x4" Round Galvanized Pot 5"dia top x 4"Dp ( 4" dia bottom)
  • BY18-1 BY18-1 8x4" Round Tub in Red, Royal Blue, White, Galvanized Tub
  • BY08-1 BY08-1 Galvanized Pail 6.5" Pot side handle 6.5"dia top x 5.5"dp x 5"dia bottom
  • BY44-1 BY44-1 7" Galvanized Pail 7"dia*6H*10HH*5.5dia bottom
  • BY43-1 BY43-1 6" GALVANIZED PAIL 6"DIA x 5"H x 4.5" DIA BOTTOM
  • BY883-1W BY883-1W 6.5" Round Tall French Bucket White 6 1/2"dia x 11"H ( 4"dia bottom)
  • BY55-1 BY55-1 6" GALVANIZED TRASH CAN 6" dia top X 6"DP x4.25"DIA BOTTOM
  • BY883-1 BY883-1 6.5" Round Tall French Bucket Galvanized 6 1/2"dia x 11"H ( 4"dia bottom)
  • BY35-1 Round Galvanized Tub BY35-1 Round Galvanized Tub 18" dia top x 7"dp ( 15.5"dia bottom)