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Wholesale Metal Tin Round Tubs Bowls

Explore our selection of Wholesale Metal Round Tubs - tailored to the needs of the wholesale gift basket industry, florists, and greenhouses. These tubs have been carefully handcrafted to meet the demands of your business, whether you're creating gift baskets, crafting floral arrangements, or caring plants in your greenhouse.

Designed with quality and versatility in mind, our Metal Round Tubs are the perfect solution for your wholesale needs, providing a reliable and stylish option for packaging, arranging, and assembling dish garden containers

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8  round tin tub white by18 1w wholesale metal containers tubs

8dia top x 4"dp

Available: 804 in stock
    15  galvanized round bowl by26 1 wholesale metal containers tubs 13
    15" dia x 5"H
    Available: 738 in stock
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